About Us


Marde Hen Productions is a theatre company formed in 2012 by a group of enthusiastic people with the sole purpose of producing exciting and innovative plays by new writers.

The first venture for Marde Hen as a group was entitled ‘Yulelogues’ which was an evening of rehearsed readings of Monologues and Duologues from local writers on the subject of Christmas originally scheduled for January 2013, Old Cottage Tavern but postponed and performed in December 2013 at the Fisherman’s Rest, Belper.

By mid 2014 the group then presented a work-in-progress piece entitled ‘Light One Up’ by Jane Wilton for the popular Belper Arts Festival in May 2014.

An extract from ‘Late’ by Stephen Lee Rees, along with a re-worked Yulelogue from Jane Wilton entitled ‘Rubbernecking’was showcased at the successful Furthest From The Sea 2014 event in Derby.

On the 3rd – 4th October 2014 Marde Hen produced an original full-length stage play of ‘Late’. Their mission is to continue to produce full length stage plays, sketches and promote new writing.

The Marde Hen Team:

Marde Hen Team:

  • Stephen Lee Rees (2012-)
  • Jeannie Jordan (2014-)
  • Richard Platt (2014-)
  • Marie Stone (2014-)

Marde Hen Members:

  • Ann Taylor (2015-)
  • Barry Brown (2016-)
  • Catherine Dolan (2018-)

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