Light One Up (2016)

by Jane Wilton

The play highlights a ‘sub-culture’ which sprang up when the ‘smoking in public places’ ban was enforced. It is set predominantly in a dilapidated and inadequate gazebo outside a factory which puts the fish in fish fingers. Huddled together in solidarity under their makeshift shelter, are a pack of pergola pariahs.

Banished from their workplace to lunch, chunter and mumble, our characters ‘light up’ and convey their hidden inner monologue. Not always palatable or conducive to lunch time dining, the audience may be privy to secret revelations, desires, dreams and lies as these humble characters are not only in the process of igniting their cigarettes but ‘Lighting One Up’.


“There were some hilarious one-liners in the script as well as some very poignant revelations and the whole team worked hard to stage an enjoyable show which was well-received by an appreciative audience.” Amanda Penman reviewed the play for Arts Beat. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

“Marde Hen Productions you have done it once again. A production that is both cleverly designed to get you to think, but also help you to realise that there is often more beneath the surface of everyone than first meets the eye.” Duncan Leech reviewed the play for Playhouse Musings. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

“This was an amazing piece of theatre, so ingeniously and skilfully written and so astutely acted that I was totally immersed in it from start to finish. Joyce Handbury reviewed the play for NODA. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

Cast List

Ann Taylor as Sandra Buckle

Terry Stevenson as Bruce Steadman

Kerry-Ann Roe as Lisa Wardlow

Verna Bayliss as Betty Fishback-Powers

Wayne Parkin as Mervyn Greene

Jane Robertson as Floss Clemence

Martin Weston as ‘Our John’ Clemence

Mik Horvath as Simon Pinkton

Pip Price as ‘Duvet’ Dave Lockrock