Late (2014-15)

by Stephen Lee Rees

 ‘Late’ is a contemporary psychological thriller set in the heart of the home – the kitchen, during the dark period of social renovation where change is inevitable but not always for the best. Phone calls fill the grubby little kitchen as Jenny waits anxiously for her husband, Josh, to return home from work.

Marde Hen Productions - LateFrustration builds as the evening draws in as uninvited guests ‘drop by’ to disturb her train of thoughts; insulting her where possible, demanding advice for their own problems, rummaging through her cupboards and asking the same question: Where is Josh?

Marde Hen Productions - LateFirstly there’s Madge, barging in with her wellington boots with the order of a dozen eggs and her unrequited attentions directed at the fishmonger employee at Morrison’s with whom she is trying to bag a date: Dilly – Josh’s bitterly emotional mother, determined to prevent him from attending her ex-husband’s wedding to the home-wrecking “tart” he left her for and finally there’s Matt; Jenny’s brother, who is restlessly bored and unsure of his own future. Having had enough of his partner Graeme, he has decided to leave his unsatisfactory relationship in the hopes of moving in with his sister.

Marde Hen Productions - LateSo when Josh suddenly appears, tensions quickly mount as they uncover the truth behind his disappearance. Jenny realises just how much he meant to her….but is it too late?


“A clever reveal half way through the first act proved that this was no average mystery play.”  Dan Webber reviewed the play for Downstage Centre. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

“This was a first-rate production on all counts. The cast were all terrific, the set and props were splendid and together made the most of this cleverly, scripted play.”  Joyce Handbury reviewed the play for NODA. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

Cast List:

Alex Wrampling as Jenny

Marie Stone as Madge

Ann Taylor as Dilly

Andrew Barlow as Matt (2014 Production)

Stephen Lee Rees as Matt (2015 Production)

Richard Buxton as Josh

(Poster for the 2014 and 2015 Productions)(B) 2014 Late


Late Poster 2015 Design


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