Donor (2018)

by Stephen Lee Rees

Two couples: Mike and Elaine, Bex and Jess both want to start a family. Mike and Elaine are looking to cement their relationship but are having trouble conceiving, however, when Elaine becomes pregnant with donated sperm, the strength of their relationship is not as solid as it seemed.

Bex and Jess take advantage of their friend Liam who wants to be more than just a Donor to help them achieve parenthood. This play will take you on a roller-coaster of emotions and explores their lives as well as the lives of the donor.


“The play revolves around the many aspects, for and against, that can cause relationship problems following IVF treatment and similarly those that can occur following being a sperm donor. The research and understanding that must have gone into writing this play was so much in evidence throughout and resulted in what was an incredible, insightful piece of dramatic theatre. It had its twists, turns, unexpected outcomes, tears, drama by the bucket load and somehow Stephen managed to get some humour in there as well.” Joyce Handbury reviewed the play for NODA. You can read the full review by clicking on the link: here.

Cast List:

Robert Peach as Liam

Jamie Brooks as Mike

Louise Jenkins as Elaine

Veronica Jones as Jess

Kayleigh Jayne Winchester as Bex


Andrew Barlow as The Consultant, Alyson Koe as the Woman, Kerry-Ann Roe as Judith and Jane Wilton as the Citizens Advice Bureau Volunteer.