Our next play is written by Marde Hen’s Jeannie Jordan. The show will be performed on the 2nd & 3rd October 2015.

Auditions will be held at the Alfreton Community Fire Station on Monday 13th July. 7pm

Come along for a read as this play will be quite experimental and a little stylistic…The characters we are looking for are possibly 4 main roles and multi-roles for 4 others (possibly)…

Paul Greatorex : Mid-twenties; striking miner from the East Midlands with an inherent acute sense of fairness.

Jack Greatorex: Paul’s father, early fifties; a pit deputy and member of the National Organisation of Colliery Deputies and Shot-Firers, sticks to following the rules.

Sylvia Greatorex: Jack’s wife, Paul’s mother, early fifties; the voice of the uninitiated masses

Linda Greatorex: Paul’s wife, early twenties; supports her man through thick and thin.

Irvine Beardsmore: Chairman of the strike committee. Late forties/early fifties. A passionate militant who wears his heart on his sleeve.

Eric Armstrong: Strike Liaison officer, mid-twenties; a member of the colliery band who realises that his illusions will be shattered.

DHSS Official, Voice 1, Voice 2, Burt – gay rights activist, Old Lady, Policeman 1, Policeman 2, Magistrate, Passer-by, Mother, A little girl, Danny Craven –  A Police sergeant, Interviewer 1, Interviewer 2, Student.

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