Fishing for Experience

L-R (Sandra Sanders, Jane  Wilton, Mik Horvath & Alisom Allajbej)

@King Street Fish Bar

On Monday 8th February 2016, Mik and Jane (Norman & Jean Bakewell) took part in some work experience within an actual Fish & Chip Shop, The King Street Fish Bar – Belper. Alisom Allajbej (The Owner) was extremely generous and helpful in showing the cast ‘the ropes’ of working and running a chip shop – from batter mix to probing the pies, cutting fish to frying fritters as well as shovelling up chips and discussing battered bits – the two actors got stuck in and took to it like fish to hot oil.

Click here to see them in action.

An interview will be available soon… our thanks go out to Alisom and his team. Thank you.



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