We’ve been nominated…

eagleawards banner2

The Marde Hens have been extremely busy over the last few years – building the foundations for a theatre company and we have been quite successful by piloting a new play ‘late’ in 2014. It came as a shock that it was well received and so this put fire under our bellies – knowing that what we were doing was needed – someplace willing to produce original pieces and to compete in the world of amateur theatre, this also allowed us to enter the Eagle Awards competition at Derby Theatre.

Not only did we come back in 2015 with a re-worked version of ‘Late’ (to which we invited the Eagle judges) we also produced another new play ‘Fish & Chips’ which had its first outing at The Strutts Centre, Belper in late February.

We are delighted to inform you that Marde Hen Productions have been involved in two nominations for the Eagle Awards 2016:

The Derby Telegraph Award for the Best Production of a Play – Fish & Chips.

The Timothy Dalton Award for the Best Performance in a Play – Marie Stone in ‘Late’

Congratulations to all those that are nominated for an Award. Well done to everyone onboard for the production of Fish & Chips and special congratulations to our very own Marde Hen Member – Marie Stone – for her portrayal of Madge Murgatroyd in Late!


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