Marde Hen Productions Casting Call for – DONOR – By Stephen Lee Rees

20180428_165033_editedWe are searching for actors for their next production “Donor” with performances in November 2018, in Derbyshire.

Mike and Elaine want to cement their marriage by having a family but are have difficulty conceiving.  However, when Elaine becomes pregnant with donated sperm the strength of their relationship is not as solid as it seemed. Lesbian couple Bex and Jess take advantage of their friend Liam who wants to be more than just a Donor to help them achieve parenthood.


We are looking for 6 actors :

Jess – 30’s.  Bex’s partner and friend of Liam. She is the peacekeeper in the relationship but less sure about her commitment to the sanctity of marriage when bringing up their soon to be newborn child.

Bex – 30’s. Partner of Jess and not really a friend of Liam! She is headstrong and knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to say it! Marriage is important to her by comparison.

Liam – 30’s. The “Donor” to Jess and Bex. Excited at the opportunity to help his friend Jess and of what might be his only chance to be a father.

Elaine – ages from 30 to 50. Married to Mike. Also needs the help of a ‘Donor” to achieve her longed-for baby. She goes ahead with her pregnancy despite it meaning that this causes a rift in her relationship with Mike resulting in her becoming a single mother.

Mike – ages the same as Elaine.  He cannot accept his inability to father a child and chooses to walk away from bringing up a child which isn’t his.

One Versatile Actor to play – the Consultant, Old Lady, Judith (Jess’s Mum) and a Citizens Advice Bureaux Officer. These characters could be played by different actors if necessary.

Please email or private message us on  for more details and casting dates or even if you want to be involved in our theatre company for back stage or front of house crew.


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