Marde Hen On Air!

Members of Marde Hen joined Trevor Middleton on the air at Amber Sound Radio Station on the 22nd August from 7PM to discuss their roles in our next production of Jeannie Jordan’s ‘SHAFTED’.

Alex, Wayne and Jeannie were warmly greeted by the DJ – Trevor – who welcomed them into the studio, making them feel relaxed and even made them a cup of coffee! They discussed the topic of ‘Shafted’ which is about the Miners’ Strike of ’84/’85.

During AD-Breaks they discussed how the Miner’s strike had affected the lives of communities. Wayne Parkin says ; ‘Trevor has a very keen interest in local drama and was very complimentary of the Belper scene’, of which Marde Hen is now a part.

‘As ‘Shafted’ is a play that can’t help but cause discussion and seems to link to every person in some way, it was nice to share stories of how the Miners’ strike had affected our lives. There had recently been some evidence about the government’s plans at the time that has been leaked, which the DJ was up to date with and implement an in-depth discourse between the three of us. ‘  said Alex, commenting on her time at Amber Sound. 

Writer Jeannie Jordan was at hand to discuss the background to ‘Shafted’ and the history of the Miners’ Strike. Wayne and Alex were also able to discuss the issues of the play, their characters and motivations.

SHAFTED is performed at the Strutts Centre, Belper from 8th to 10th September 7:30PM. Book your ticket online at or email us at to reserve yours! Tickets are £8 and are also available at the door.



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